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Posted by on 30 October 2013 | 6 Comments

A lot of what Campbell Newman is up to reminds me of how despots rise to power. Hitler didn't seize office at the point of a gun, he was duly elected. I know everybody uses Hitler. I've swapped the words "The Nazis" for "The Party". I've got reams on this, but I'll spare you the rest. Here's what I've tweeted: - Tweeting edited excerpts from "Hitler’s Successful Rise to Power and its Effects on the German Judiciary" By Adrienne Yerdon. "By understanding & contorting law Hitler achieved political control &.. reorganized the German judiciary, all under a blanket of legitimacy" "Party sought passage of.. the Enabling Acts, empowering the government to dispense constitution for 4 years while issuing laws, unchecked" "The Party confronted a divided, politically weakened... legal profession with no means to disagree" Easy for regulation and reformation" "Duty was now defined as being a servant to the State. A series of Letters began in circulation. Their purpose was to instruct jurists... " Point made? Especially with today's news: "Judge Adjourns Bikie Hearing Over Concern At Campbell Newman Remarks" When Magistrates suspend legal proceedings because of direct interference from a State Premier, Queensland has veered far too close to becoming a police state.

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