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Anne Kirkbride, the actress who plays Deirdre Barlow is a confirmed smoker, and does not apologise for continuing the habit, despite having had cancer. Fine, that is her choice, but why does Coronation Street show her smoking during her scenes? It merely confirms to me that tobacco money funds TV and movies.

 I've been saying this for years - there's an awful lot of smoking in movies and TV these days, far too much when you think that most office buildings only have a few huddled poor souls out in the cold on their ciggie break. Smoking in the West is on the decline, thank f*ck, and it's my belief that the tobacco industry funds TV and movies under the counter - the deal is the producers get X million, and in return a number of significant characters are required to be seen smoking. There may even be sweet deals for individual actors. There might even be a set number of minutes per movie where smoking is prominent, depending on the "contract", who knows? It's evil, I do know that. I might be biased, as I recently lost a little brother to lung cancer, but it's an issue worth bringing to the attention of the press, and if Anne Kirkbride feels she is being "trolled" by critics on the issue, too effing bad. I will guarantee one thing - she as an individual, (and certainly not as a cancer survivor), is not having a gun held to her head to smoke for the cameras.

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